New Discovery  -  Kathy Ebert
New Discovery Early Childhood Center Is Closed

appreciate your on-going interest in my history as founder/creator of New Discovery.
Children thrived in an authentic, wholesome environment from 1983 to 2012 because of its
unique child-centered values. 
The program and children's accomplishments resonate with many former students and families.   
Pleasantly, our paths continue to cross in new and unexpected places. 

  • I have no affiliation with new start-up day care in my former location on Lawrence Road.  
  • I have not collaborated with an alternative business entity to maintain New Discovery's high standards of best practices for children, curriculum, licensing compliance, or consistent staff retention and daily supervision of all who have contact with the children .
  • I have not given permission to any developing business to use New Discovery's good name and reputation, or to the misleading use of my written expressions of ideology and purpose at New Discovery for 29 years.

Many thanks to all the families who supported my work as an advocate for children.
Kathy Ebert
(516) 819-2336